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Study in Canada, Your Student Visa Guide

Canada is celebrated for its inclusive and safe environment, making it an ideal choice for international students. The country’s universities are globally recognized for their academic rigor and innovation across various disciplines. Studying in Canada means gaining access to state-of-the-art facilities and collaborating with world-class educators. Additionally, students can experience Canada’s natural beauty and multicultural cities, enriching their learning journey both inside and outside the classroom.


Why Opt for the Canada as Your Study Destination?

Quality Education and Accreditation

Canadian universities are renowned for maintaining high academic standards and rigorous quality assurance. A Canadian degree is globally recognized and respected by employers worldwide.

Research-Focused Learning

Many Canadian universities prioritize research initiatives, giving students the chance to contribute to impactful projects. Engaging in research hones analytical skills and fosters innovation.

Safe and Inclusive Society

Canada’s reputation as a safe and welcoming nation is well-deserved. International students find themselves embraced by a diverse and inclusive community that values different perspectives.

High Quality of Life

Canada consistently ranks high in global quality of life indices. Access to universal healthcare, natural beauty, and a vibrant cultural scene contribute to an enriching student experience.

Advantages for Pakistani Students in Canada

  • Access high-quality education at renowned institutions, often accompanied by accessible scholarships.
  • Seize work prospects through part-time employment opportunities and post-graduation work permits.
  • Experience an inclusive and secure environment that actively promotes cultural integration.
  • Forge valuable industry connections, providing opportunities for internships and exposure to real-world applications.

Eligibility Criteria for Pakistani Students

Bachelor's Programs

Successful completion of intermediate education with a score of 60/70% or equivalent

Minimum IELTS score of 6.5 bands overall

Under age 25

2-year gap acceptable for Bachelor

Master's Programs

Relevant bachelor's degree with a competitive CGPA 2.2

Minimum IELTS score of 6.5 bands overall

Under age 35

3 or 4-year gap acceptable for Masters

Canadian Education: Application Checklist

Academic Records:
Assemble your academic transcripts, including intermediate or bachelor’s degree records.

Language Proficiency:
Undertake the IELTS examination and attain a minimum score of 6.5 bands overall.

Personal Statement:
Create a compelling personal statement that delineates your academic objectives and aspirations.

Letters of Recommendation:
Secure letters of recommendation from educators who can endorse your academic potential.

Financial Verification:
Furnish proof of your capability to cover tuition fees and living expenses during your UK tenure.

Visa Application:
Collaborate closely with our adept consultants to navigate the intricacies of the student visa application process.


  • Application Fees: Get Started with Admission
  • Tuition Enrolment Fees: 50% in the first stage & 50% after visa approval
  • Visa Filing Fees: Pay Upon Offer Approval
  • HIV Medical Fees: Mandatory Health Check Covered

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